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An AI driven platform to protect the brand identity and IP of media companies from the threat of deepfake technology.


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Founded by Tiffany Guan, Daniel Bairstow and Jackson Grant, Delta AI was created to protect the digital rights and brand integrity of artists and Entertainment companies through the detection and traceability of deepfakes.

It's nearly impossible to distinguish the difference between deepfakes and reality with the human eye. Deepfakes are becoming easier to create and increasingly realistic. With the rise of this technology, control over what you say and do online, is no longer in your hands.

Delta AI is protecting the digital rights and brand identity of Entertainment companies through the detection and traceability of deep fakes.

Delta’s AI-driven SaaS platform allows enterprise to actively identify, monitor and respond to deep fake content.


Tiffany Guan

Tiffany Guan


Tiffany graduated with the University Medal in 2019 for her thesis in computer vision, and has since gained experience solving difficult problems in the generative audio and visual domain.

Daniel Bairstow

Daniel Bairstow


Before joining Delta, Daniel completed his Bachelor of Engineering honours in Reinforcement Learning. Since then Daniel has gained domain expertise on time series analysis, classical machine learning techniques and generative audio.

Jackson Grant

Jackson Grant

Head of Product

Jackson has experience in scaling his last consumer startup from 0 to 10,000 users. Jackson has a Bachelor in Computer Science and Economics.


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